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Marine Information

Port of Aberdeen is a statutory port authority on the River Dee, with a harbour estate of 692 acres and a port jurisdiction of 38.8 square kilometres.

Our primary responsibilities relate to the safety of vessels and people, efficient navigation within the port and protection of harbour estate environment and infrastructure.

A policy of continuous modernisation has transformed Port of Aberdeen, allowing it to maintain the high levels of activity that have earned its position as one of the busiest ports in the UK.  All of this is achieved while maintaining the highest marine and safety standards.

Vessel Traffic Services

All shipping movements within the Aberdeen VTS area (within 2.3nm from Girdleness) are controlled by Aberdeen VTS. Participation with VTS is mandatory, for further details please see ALRS Vol.6. Aberdeen VTS provide the following services:

Call: Aberdeen VTS
VHF Frequency Ch 12; 16
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 597000
Email: vts@portofaberdeen.co.uk

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Pilotage is available 24/7, 365 days a year and is compulsory for vessels over 60m LOA. Pilot exemptions can be applied for subject to port requirements. Further information is available in the Pilotage Directions.

For marine enquiries, please contact our Marine Department

Harbour Master:Benji Morrison


Port Facilities

  • Port Maximums

    North Harbour: 165m, South Harbour: 300m
    North Harbour: 30m, South Harbour: 45m
    North Harbour: 8.5m, South Harbour: 8.5m
    Vessel with greater LOA will be considered on a case by case basis.
    No air draft restriction.
  • Navigation Channel

    Channel Width
    North Harbour: 70m, South Harbour: 165m
    North Harbour: 6m - 9.3m, South Harbour: 9m - 10.5m
  • Deepwater Berths

    There are multiple deepwater berths at North Harbour and South Harbour, with heavy lift capacity by mobile crane.

    Deepwater berths up to a maximum depth of 14.8m MHWS.

  • Albert Basin

    Depth at MHWS
    6m - 9.3m
  • River Dee

    Depth at MHWS
    5.6m - 7.5m
  • South Harbour

    Depth at MHWS
    9m - 10.5m
  • Telford Dock

    Depth at MHWS
  • Tidal Harbour

    Depth at MHWS
    6m - 9m
  • Victoria Dock

    Depth at MHWS
    6m - 9.3m
  • Victoria Dock Entrance

    Depth at MHWS
    10.3 metres
    Clear width at entrance
    42.78 metres


Contact the Port of Aberdeen team for more information.