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Our History

Proud to be the oldest business in Britain, Port of Aberdeen has a rich, and sometimes unexpected, history.

Port of Aberdeen Through the Ages

Port of Aberdeen, previously Aberdeen Harbour, was established in 1136 by King David I of Scotland. According to the Guinness Book of Business Records, it is the oldest existing business in Britain, with a history that has spanned almost 900 years. We are proud of our past and telling our incredible story.

Houdini emerges from the depth of Aberdeen Harbour

Thousands of people gathered at the Harbour on 1 July 1909, to witness the world-famous magician and escapologist Harry Houdini dive into the chilly water whilst chained and handcuffed.

A cold and watery demise appeared inevitable for the man who was already a household name thanks to his incredible death-defying feats. The minutes spent underwater only led to the assumption that the Granite City would become synonymous for claiming the life of the Houdini.

Then suddenly, he resurfaced, triumphant and free from his shackles. Needless to say, his exploits ensured that his shows at the nearby Palace Theatre in Bridge Place were a huge success.