Our Organisation

We are a port with ambition, focused on partnering with stakeholders to unlock growth and create prosperity for generations.

The expanded Port of Aberdeen is creating new possibilities for energy transition, trade and tourism, which will drive new jobs and investment in the region.

Our Annual Review 2024

Our Purpose

To create prosperity for generations.

Our Vision

To become Scotland’s premier net zero port, offering world class facilities and services, at the heart of the nation’s energy transition efforts.

Our Mission

To connect our customers to what they need, where and when they need it, through innovation, commitment, and environmental sustainability.

Modern UK Trust Port

Port of Aberdeen is a Trust Port. As a statutory body, a Trust Port is fully independent, run by a Board for the benefit of its stakeholders - and governed by its own local legislation. All profit is reinvested  to safeguard and continually improve the port, so it creates prosperity for current and future generations of local communities and businesses.

Our stakeholders, from the local community and customers to those leading the country - are crucial to continued success of Port of Aberdeen.

North Harbour 2

The Port: 2022 in numbers

2022 was a pivotal year for Port of Aberdeen, with our success driven by an increase in vessel arrivals, goods moved through the port and strong ferry service recovery post-pandemic. We have proudly cemented our position as a leading hub for maritime decarbonisation, while recognising that our success would not be possible without our people who continue to deliver a safe, professional, and quality service for our customers.  

  • £39.2 million turnover £21.3 million operating profit

  • 6,813 vessel arrivals 12% increase on 2021

  • 108 current employees 21 new starts in 2022

  • 34 international trading countries

  • Cargo tonnage: 3,239,045

  • Vessel tonnage: 24,439,129

  • £30,000 donated to local community groups

  • 161,185 ferry passengers

Our Strategic Priorities

Customers and growth

To increase and diversify port business, providing optimised and environmentally-sound services to existing and prospective customers and stakeholders. 

Land, Facilities and Assets

To develop and make best use of our land, facilities, and assets in line with national sustainable development goals, to support operational excellence and growth, while maintaining sufficient reserves for unexpected changes in the business environment. 


To become a leading exemplar in environmental stewardship and sustainability, pioneering green port innovation and facilitating energy transition solutions. 

People and culture

To develop and invest in our people, so that they are empowered with the values and capabilities to create and deliver prosperity for generations. 


To be a leader and exemplar in health, safety, security, and quality standards across the UK port community. 

Communication and Engagement

To build and strengthen the Port of Aberdeen’s influence among local, regional, and national stakeholders, as a recognisable and trustworthy catalyst for the development of business, trade, and energy.             

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