Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to some common questions that might arise while navigating our website. If you can't find the information you're looking for or have a specific enquiry, our dedicated team is here to help.



  • How do I request a retirement quote from the DB pension scheme?

    You can request a retirement quote directly from the Mercer portal, or you can email the Scheme Administrator, Hazel Matthew, who will request a quote for you.

  • How do I request a retirement quote from the DC pension scheme?

    Please contact Scottish Widows for a retirement quote.


  • How do I apply for a position advertised on your website?

    All vacancies currently available at Port of Aberdeen are listed on our careers page. To apply, please complete and submit the Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring form. Please note, we do not accept CVs.

  • How do I get an update on the progress of my recent job application?

    For updates on a recent job application, please get in touch.


  • How do I report an environmental concern?

    You can report an environmental concern by completing our safety observation form.

  • I am concerned about noise from vessels and / or infrastructure at Port of Aberdeen – what should I do?

    Noise complaints can be reported to Aberdeen City Council, or directly to the port’s Operations Department.  

  • How can I report unsafe driving by vehicles with your branded livery?

    If you witness an unsafe working practice, you can report it by completing our safety observation form.

Marine / Operations

  • Where can I find tidal and sounding information for navigating and berthing in North and South Harbour?

    Tide and sounding information can be obtained from Aberdeen Vessel Traffic Services and water depths can be found on our marine information page.

  • Where can I find information on Pilot Exemption Certificates and renewal?

    Information on how to renew a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) can be found on our marine information page.

  • Do you have a document detailing the dimensions of different berths?

    Please contact our Operations Department to obtain specific technical berth information. 

  • How do I obtain costs for stevedoring / hooking and storage at Port of Aberdeen?

    Please contact our Operations Department to obtain specific costs for your stevedoring / hooking and storage requirements.

  • Is there space available for equipment storage within the port premises?

    Port of Aberdeen offers more than 7,600 metres of premium quayside and 610,000 m2 of laydown area, enabling seamless servicing of diverse industry sectors. Contact our Operations Department to discuss your specific equipment storage requirements.

  • Can you advise which container carriers operate out of Port of Aberdeen?

    Port of Aberdeen specialises in facilitating the safe and efficient movement of cargo across a range of sectors. To find out more please contact our specialist team.

  • How do I enquire about the possibility of using your facilities to test and demo our equipment?

    Talk to our Commercial Department to enquire about use of Port of Aberdeen facilities.

  • Can I get a pass to drive through the port estate so I don't have to use public roads?

    No, only Port of Aberdeen employees and port users are permitted to drive within the port.

Cruise / Ferry

  • Where can I find the cruise calls list for the 2024 season?

    Discover the impressive roster of vessels visiting Port of Aberdeen on our cruise calls page.

  • How can I become one of the Welcome Volunteers for the cruise ships?

    Please contact our valued partner VisitAberdeenshire for more information.

  • Can I book a cruise from Aberdeen?

    There is only a very small number of embarkations from Aberdeen, and these can only be booked via the cruise line or a travel agent directly.

  • How can my business advertise to the cruise guests?

    Please contact our valued partner VisitAberdeenshire for support and information.

  • Can I advertise my local business around the port?

    To find out about advertising opportunities, contact the cruise team for more information.

  • I have livestock to deliver to the ferry, can you advise where I drop them off?

    The daily freight ferry service carries a variety of cargo to and from the Northern Isles, including, containers and other lift-on / lift-off (LoLo) cargo, livestock and temperature-controlled foodstuffs, unaccompanied vehicles, dangerous goods and outsized loads.

    For more information about freight services please contact Serco NorthLink.

  • Can I take the ferry to Norway as a passenger?

    The Aberdeen to Norway ferry service is for freight only.


  • What types of properties are available for lease and sale within Port of Aberdeen?

    We offer a wide range of multi-use properties for lease and sale, including warehouses, offices, industrial units, and open land for various commercial and industrial purposes. Visit our property page for specific details.

  • Who should I contact to enquire about leasing property within Port of Aberdeen?

    For enquiries regarding leasing property within Port of Aberdeen, please contact our Property Department.

  • Who should I contact for general enquiries or assistance as a tenant of Port of Aberdeen?

    If you are a tenant of Port of Aberdeen and have general enquiries or require assistance, please get in touch with our Property Department.


  • Can I access Port of Aberdeen to take photos of ships berthed in port?

    Port of Aberdeen will review enquiries from commercial organisations for filming and photography (commercial stills, broadcast news, location filming requests, and drone / unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights over the port) within the port’s areas of jurisdiction. 

    Prior permission must be obtained from Port of Aberdeen before any filming and photography can take place. Please notify us at least three working days in advance, providing as much information as possible, to enable us to assess the potential impact of your enquiry on the safety of other port users and operational activities. 

  • How do I enquire about visiting Port of Aberdeen?

    Port of Aberdeen may accept requests from for visits to Port of Aberdeen from commercial organisations, education establishments and community groups. Please get in touch providing as much detail about your visit enquiry.

  • How can my business advertise during the Tall Ships Races in Aberdeen in 2025?

    If you’re interested in supporting Tall Ships Races Aberdeen in July 2025, please register your interest on the Tall Ships Aberdeen website.

  • Is it possible to scatter ashes at Port of Aberdeen?

    If you'd like to discuss the scattering of ashes at Port of Aberdeen, please get in touch with our Operations Department.

  • Is it possible to get information to assist my dissertation?

    To obtain information from Port of Aberdeen for your dissertation, you can get in touch or alternatively use information from the website including any available reports.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    To make a complaint, please get in touch.