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Your gateway to global trade, Port of Aberdeen facilitates connections between the North Sea and over 40 countries spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond.

Our infrastructure is designed for your cargo operations. As Scotland’s largest berthage port, our quayside stretches over 7,600 metres, accommodating vessels up to 300 meters in length. We provide 2,800 metres of deepwater berths to a maximum depth of -14.8 metres (mean high water springs), ultra heavy-lift capability up to 140 tonnes / square metre, more than 692,000 square meters of flexible laydown space, and ample project areas to support your requirements.

Why Choose Port of Aberdeen?

We understand the logistical challenges in handling cargo.

  • Integrated logistics

    Streamlined cargo handling, customs clearance, freight forwarding, and transportation, to safely manage the flow of goods, enhance efficiency and optimise costs.

  • Specialised infrastructure and facilities

    Optimal berthing solutions with access to over 7,600 metres of quayside, expansive laydown areas, heavy-lift capability, deepwater berths, large-scale cargo handling equipment, and warehousing.

  • Strategic location

    Direct access to major shipping routes ensures global connectivity to more than 40 countries.

  • Swift connections

    Excellent marine, road, rail, and air connectivity provides swift access to both domestic and international destinations.

  • Delivering decarbonisation

    Significant commitments for investment in green infrastructure will reduce the carbon footprint of both the port and its customers.

  • Faster clearance

    Full AEO Port status, Temporary Storage and Wharf Approval and GVMS for the efficient expedition of goods subject to Customs and border controls.

  • Skilled workforce, safe operations

    Our people have the skills, knowledge, and experience to identify and deliver flexible, customer-centric solutions. Solutions that are delivered within a robust quality framework with a strong safety focus.

  • Ferry cargo service

    The Sea-Cargo ferry service connects Aberdeen to Norway and Continental Europe with a twice weekly roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) liner service, providing low risk transport with competitive rates and short transit times.


We specialise in facilitating the safe and efficient movement of cargo across a range of sectors including:

  • Grain and feedstuffs
  • Project cargo
  • Bulk products (liquid and dry)
  • Forest products and wood pulp
  • Manufactured goods
  • Food and beverage

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