Environmental Protection

As proud custodians of the marine environment, the need to safeguard the wildlife that call Port of Aberdeen home is a vital consideration throughout the construction process.

The significant body of work to support this is documented below.  The Construction Environmental Management Document (CEMD) details our delivery of environmental mitigation and monitoring.

Revolutionary Bubbles

Our ‘Double-Bubble Curtain’ is one of the many innovative measures designed to protect marine mammals during construction.  We’re proud to be the first organisation to use this Curtain in the UK – with impressive results.

The curtain is made entirely of bubbles, which emanate from two 850-meter long compressed air perforated hoses, which sit along the seabed at the mouth of the new port.  The hoses are connected to a bank of 10 compressors which are turned on when underwater construction is taking place.  The curtain of bubbles, which reaches the surface of the water, reflects sound back into the bay and away from the surrounding area, significantly limiting disruption to marine mammals.