Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom to collaborate on pioneering cleantech

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The Port of Aberdeen has today announced that it will collaborate with Stillstrom by Maersk, a newly launched offshore charging venture company, on a pioneering project to significantly reduce emissions from vessels on standby outside the port.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom will conduct a joint feasibility study into an innovative offshore renewable charging hub. The ocean cleantech concept provides a platform for vessels to utilise electricity from either offshore wind or grid energy, thereby eliminating the need for vessels to consume fossil fuels while idling. The product also allows for the charging of battery packs on applicable vessels. 

The study, which will run until the end of the year, will develop a roadmap for the potential introduction of offshore charging infrastructure at the Port of Aberdeen. Stillstrom and the Port will analyse the benefits, use cases, fundamental requirements, economics, and stakeholder involvement as part of the study. Stillstrom’s offshore charging concept is relevant for multiple stakeholders across ocean industries, from offshore renewables to idling merchant vessels within ports & hubs. 

The Port of Aberdeen is one of UK’s busiest ports, with more than 6,000 vessels visiting and anchoring outside every year. The Port’s ‘Green Port’ strategy is well developed and explores a wide range of emissions reduction opportunities, including quayside electrification, the use of alternative fuels and lower carbon power supplies, and sustainable waste management.

Bob Sanguinetti, Chief Executive, Port of Aberdeen, said:

“Innovative thinking and practices are crucial if we’re to achieve a green maritime industry. We look forward to working with Stillstrom to develop low carbon power supply and reduce emissions from vessels on standby outside our port. Pioneering projects, like renewable offshore charging, will help to make our vision of becoming Scotland’s premier Net Zero port a reality.”

“We are extremely pleased that Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom have entered into this collaborative MoU. The feasibility study we will undergo with Port of Aberdeen is a cornerstone in our go-to-market strategy for our ‘Ports & Hub’ segment. Together with Port of Aberdeen as a close partner, we will be able to map and show the true value of utilising electricity for idling vessels – which we expect will not only support the jour-ney towards a net-zero ocean economy and a better near coastal environment, but also an economically attractive solution for vessels owners to utilise,” says Stillstrom CEO Kristian B. Jorgensen.


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