supPORT-all Phase 2 Opens

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The second phase of our community action programme is open for applications.

Port of Aberdeen has today opened the second phase of itscommunity support programme for charities and groups undertaking work local to the port.

This year, the programme – which has been named ‘supPORT-all’ – will benefit four organisations through financial donations, volunteer and resource commitments, and a marketing support package delivered in partnership with award-winning video production company Signal.

Two financial awards of £10,000 and two awards of £5,000 will be donated by the Port throughout the year.

Stephanie Flynn, Community Relations Manager at Port of Aberdeen, said:

“Recognising the profound effects of COVID-19 on both our local community and the charitable sector, supPORT-all will go beyond financial contributions and provide commitments of time, resources and equipment, as well as all-important marketing expertise.”

“Our new supPORT-all programme builds on the outstanding work enabled by our Community Action Fund, which has supported more than 200,000 children and adults through donations of £60,000 since 2014.

“As a Trust Port at the heart of Aberdeen, we have a vested, proactive interest in our local communities, and through supPORT-all, we will help to ensure that children and adults can flourish and prosper. We are starting a new chapter in our 900-year history and look forward to supporting and engaging with our community through this exciting programme.”

Jamie Baikie, Managing Director of Signal, said: “We understand that many charities will be finding it tough right now, so we’re proud to be part of supPORT-all. As a local business we see the valuable work that the Port of Aberdeen Community Fund does, improving lives for people in Aberdeen. We are delighted to be able to contribute to this work in 2021, our tenth anniversary year, by offering our film making skills and resources for free to each recipient.”

Charities and community groups interested in applying to supPORT-all should visit the Port of Aberdeen website or contact The deadline for applications in the second phase is Friday 20th August and recipients will be announced on Monday 30th August.


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