Port Profiles: Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Meet Jim Williams, one of Port of Aberdeen's Maintenance Operatives who joined the port in June 2022.

A dedicated Maintenance Operative, and recent Above & Beyond winner, Jim's journey has led him to the ideal role where his passion for fixing and creating shines through every day.

From equipment inspection to handyman excellence

Growing up Jim’s dream job was to be an architect, but life’s twists led him to a path where practicality met passion, and he has no regrets. Prior to joining Port of Aberdeen, Jim worked in the field of lifting equipment inspection, a role he held for 16 years. Despite his considerable time in the role, it wasn't the ideal job for him. However, it did reveal his true passion for fixing things and transforming them into something shiny and new. This realisation then steered Jim toward the hands-on, diverse role he now holds as a member of the port’s Maintenance Department. 

Anchoring his role at Port of Aberdeen

Jim’s current responsibilities at the port are varied and wide ranging. From driving heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and operating mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) to handling JCBs, forklifts, and even drones, Jim’s role is as dynamic as the port itself. 

He’s involved in concreting, tarring, painting, plastering, kitchen fitting, and general maintenance, ensuring the port’s infrastructure remains in top condition. Jim’s day-to-day tasks reflect the port’s professional, respectful and dynamic values – or in Jim’s own words camaraderie, banter, and graft – all of which he enjoys immensely.

Embracing challenges and growth

What Jim likes most about working at the port is also what he finds most challenging, the variety. Each and every day is different, presenting new tasks and challenges that keep the job interesting and engaging for him. 

Port of Aberdeen has significantly contributed to Jim’s career development by offering extensive training opportunities, more than any other company he’s worked for previously. Jim’s advice to new employees or prospective candidates is simple yet profound, to enjoy your job.

A glimpse beyond the port

Outside of work, Jim’s life is full of hobbies and interests. Family comes first to Jim, followed by his love for golf and darts. Recently, he built his own home pub and is on the verge of starting to brew his own beer. 

Additionally, Jim serves as a GMB Union representative, proudly acting as the liaison between the union and the port’s employees. Anyone interested in learning more about the union should reach out to Jim for information and guidance.

Above and beyond

If the possibility presented itself to switch roles with someone at the port, Jim would love to try his hand as a Marine Pilot. This opportunity would tap into Jim's previous Royal Navy experience and highlights his continuous drive for growth and new experiences within the maritime sector.

While Port of Aberdeen navigates the complexities of industry changes, Jim's commitment to excellence ensures the port’s infrastructure is consistently maintained to the highest standards.


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