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Meet Benji Morrison, Port of Aberdeen's new Harbour Master who joined the port in January 2024.

A journey of growth and exploration: from seafarer to maritime leader

In the bustling maritime world of Port of Aberdeen, there's an employee whose leadership and expertise steer the course of marine operations with skill and dedication. Meet Benji Morrison, the port’s new Harbour Master, whose journey through the waves of the maritime industry has led him to the vibrant shores of Aberdeen.

Benji’s connection to the sea runs deep, stemming from his upbringing on the picturesque West Coast of the Outer Hebrides. From an early age, he had a strong affiliation to the ocean, setting sail on a career path that would see him traverse the waters of the maritime industry.

Benji’s career journey began with a Deck Officer cadetship and Nautical Science studies at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, sponsored by Gulf Offshore N.S. Ltd. Gradually, he rose through the ranks, from Junior Officer to Master, acquiring vital certifications along the way, including the prestigious Master Unlimited Certificate of Competency.

After years at sea, Benji transitioned to the realm of marine consultancy, lending his expertise as a Marine Specialist with Seacroft Marine Consultants Ltd. However, his heart remained tethered to the ocean, leading him back to the role of Master with GulfMark UK Ltd and Tidewater Marine UK Ltd, where he honed his skills further.

Anchoring at Port of Aberdeen

In April 2021, Benji’s journey brought him to the shores of Stornoway Port, where he served as Assistant Harbour Master and Marine Pilot, preparing him for his current role at Port of Aberdeen. As Harbour Master, Benji shoulders the responsibility of overseeing marine operations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry regulations.

His duties encompass a wide range of tasks, from managing navigation and pilotage to developing and implementing safety and environmental management systems. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is paramount, as Benji strives to meet the diverse needs of customers while upholding the port's high standards.

Navigating challenges

Transitioning into a new role amidst organisational changes presents its share of challenges. For Benji, integrating a new team and familiarising himself with the port estate and stakeholders are top priorities. However, through fostering teamwork and proactive engagement, he navigates these challenges with determination and resilience.

Embracing innovation

As the maritime industry evolves, Benji recognises the importance of embracing innovation and sustainability. From the integration of new technologies to the emergence of maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS), he remains at the helm, steering Port of Aberdeen towards a safer, greener future.

A passion for community and advocacy

Outside the realm of maritime operations, Benji finds fulfilment in community engagement and CSR activities. He lends his support to organisations including the UK Sepsis Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support, championing meaningful causes beyond the maritime industry.

Sailing towards success

In the vibrant tapestry of Port of Aberdeen, Benji stands as a beacon of leadership and expertise, navigating the seas of success with unwavering dedication. Through his journey from seafarer to maritime leader, he embodies the spirit of resilience, collaboration, and innovation that defines the port's ethos.

As Port of Aberdeen continues to chart its course amidst industry trends and challenges, Benji remains steadfast in his commitment to safe, efficient, and sustainable marine operations. With him at the helm, the port sets sail towards a brighter, more prosperous future on the boundless horizon of the maritime world.


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