Landside Decommissioning

DJI 0929


The onshore receipt, offload, and safe preparation of approximately 10km of flexible flowlines and umbilicals from one of DOF’s Subsea’s decommissioning projects for a North Sea client prior to recycling.

Phoenix Decom was contracted by DOF Subsea (EPRD contractor) to support landside decommissioning at Aberdeen South Harbour:

  • Manage and contain any residual fluid within the flowlines and umbilicals
  • Reduce the size of the flowlines and umbilicals into road transportable sections before being dispatched to a licensed recycling facility.
  • Dispatch the contained liquid waste to a licensed treatment facility.


The substantial quantity of flexible flowlines and umbilicals required significant quayside laydown space and had the potential for multi lifts and handling, which could increase the project’s risk, duration, and cost.

DJI 0946


South Harbour's design enabled the project team to lay the extended lengths of flowlines and umbilicals along the quayside, allowing for in-situ processing and cutting operations. This approach proved to be highly efficient, consolidating multiple steps at a single location, thereby reducing asset movement and manual handling.


This operation was completed with zero HSE recordable incidents, and the offloading method adopted reduced the anticipated timeline by nearly one-third.

“Port of Aberdeen’s new South Harbour facility offers ample space for subsea decommissioning and we have undertaken a number of jobs there this year including the flexible offload. The available drafts and quayside lengths proved to be ideal for this project.”

Simon Davies
Environmental Manager, Phoenix Decom


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