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National Careers Week Dave Gregor

Say hello to Dave Gregor, our Revenue Manager. Find out more about Dave and his career journey in the maritime sector below.

What does your current role at Port of Aberdeen involve?
I oversee Port of Aberdeen’s income and revenue streams, and on a day to day basis manage my team in the processing of all income related data. In addition, I support other departments including property, operations and OneOps, where required. 

What led you to this career?
I am the son of a farmer, and my father did not want me to go in to agriculture and brought me to Aberdeen to get a ‘proper’ job with prospects. I appreciated numerical work while in education and it led me to a career in finance, commencing with Port of Aberdeen in August 1979.

What was your dream job growing up?
Contrary to the above route, I desperately wanted to be involved in agriculture and farming, as it was in my blood until I was 10 years old. After coming to Aberdeen, I frequently went back and spent time working on my father’s farm, which I still have a vested interest in.

What are three words to describe Port of Aberdeen?
Solid. Secure. Progressive.

What do you like most about working at Port of Aberdeen?
Working and interacting with some very good and capable people, past and present. The challenge of day-to-day work in finance, and the conscientiousness in completing work to a high standard of accuracy. I also appreciate the security of working for the oldest business in the UK, and take pride in being associated with the business for so many years.

What do you find the most challenging about working at Port of Aberdeen?
Frustration that other non-finance minds do not pay regard to the detail in the same way I do.

How has Port of Aberdeen helped you in your career development?
Port of Aberdeen has given me the training, support and opportunity to progress to the position I am in, while rewarding me well. This has given me a feeling of being invested in, and in return the Port has benefitted from my work ethic, experience and commitment to the cause of delivering the business’ objectives to date and vision for the future. I’ve also been given the responsibility to take control of my area of the business, and the discretionary allowance to run it as I have, has given me great job satisfaction.

What advice would you give to new Port of Aberdeen recruits or prospective candidates?
Enter the business with an open mind to what it is, opposed to any pre-conceived ideas you might have of how a port operates. Make the priority to learn and understand the business in as much detail as possible by asking questions and finding out how the various areas operate, even areas you are not directly involved in on a day to day basis. Then make your own judgements, instead of being influenced by the opinions of others in areas you have not examined sufficiently yourself.


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