Latest Construction Activity

Remarkable progress has taken place at the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project in 2021, and all marine-based activities at the project are now complete. Construction of two critical structures - the South Breawkater and the Crown Wall - has finished, and all 22 caissons are in place. The last of the 9,000 accropodes has been made, and the remaining accropodes will be placed along the North Breakwater in the coming weeks. In 2022, work will continue to build the quaysides, with the provision of service trenches and other utilities.'s been a year!

Remarkable progress has taken place on site in 2021, and we are moving closer to South Harbour's operational phase in 2022...

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"The knowledge, skill and innovation that is going into every element of construction is truly amazing, and I am very proud of everyone who is involved in this monumental project. The expansion of Port of Aberdeen will open a world of possibilities for our customers and port users, while radically growing Scotland’s maritime industry and international shipping potential.”
Keith Young, AHEP Project Director