Ferry services

Aberdeen is a lifeline port for the Northern Isles and supports a regular cargo connection to Norway.

The daily passenger and freight ferries provided by Serco NorthLink are an essential service for many travellers and businesses from across Scotland and the UK.

The overnight passenger ferry departs and arrives at the Aberdeen Terminal in Aberdeen North Harbour, which is a five-minute walk from the shops and restaurants in the city centre, and the train and bus stations.

The daily freight ferry service carries a variety of cargo to and from the Northern Isles, including:

  • Containers and Load On-Load Off (Lo-Lo) cargo
  • Livestock and temperature-controlled foodstuffs
  • Unaccompanied vehicles
  • Dangerous goods
  • Outsized loads

The port works directly with Serco NorthLink to ensure safe and smooth operations. For more information about NorthLink’s services, please visit their website.  

The Sea-Cargo ferry cargo service connects Aberdeen connects to Norway and Continental Europe with a regular ro-ro liner service, providing efficiecnt transport and short transit times for your products. For more information about Sea-Cargo’s service, please visit their website.