Our Services

Port of Aberdeen connects customers to what they need, where and when they need it, through innovation, commitment, and environmental sustainability.

We are a multimodal port and provide an integrated logistics and services hub for our clients, which span a diverse range of industries.

With the largest berthage in Scotland, Aberdeen offers extensive infrastructure, strategic location, an expert supply chain on our doorstep and an uncompromising focus on health and safety.

The port is constantly evolving to support new industries and our professional, flexible, value-adding solutions help to reduce risk and reduce costs for our customers.

Aberdeen is efficiently accessed by the main trunk roads serving Scotland and beyond, and the port is connected to the main rail network via the Waterloo Multi-Modal Terminal.

Aberdeen has been at the heart of trade for the Scottish and global economy for almost 900 years and the expanded port will create new possibilities for the UK’s energy industry, underpin the energy transition and bolster international trade.