Charity bosses update Harbour on donation impact

Six months have passed since Aberdeen Harbour Board donated £13,000 to local charity, Community Food Initiative North East (CFINE), and the outcomes “have been remarkable."

The donation funded the purchase of an electric cargo bike which has helped the delivery of vital food supplies in and around the city.

Since June, CFINE confirmed that the Aberdeen Harbour Board Ebike has made the delivery of 1,250 additional emergency food  parcels possible, equating to 15 tonnes of produce, to vulnerable individuals and families. Additionally, the Ebike has been used to deliver sanitary products.

Fiona Rae, Deputy CEO of CFINE said: “Aberdeen Harbour’s electric bike has played a vital role in helping our volunteers reach the people who were most in need of our help during the pandemic. Many of those who rely on us have health and mobility issues which means they cannot come in person to our premises to collect parcels. Instead, we had to go to them and our electric bike helped us do that in Torry, Cove and Kincorth."

Michelle Handforth, Chief Executive of Aberdeen Harbour Board, said: “Knowing that we have helped make a difference is truly humbling. This year has been incredibly challenging for charitable organisations like CFINE because they can only continue doing their great work in our communities if they have the means to do so safely.  

“We hope that this donation which was made through our Community Action Fund will continue to help families and individuals receive vital supplies while helping CFINE reduce its carbon footprint.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, CFINE reported that demand for emergency food tripled and since March, the charity has delivered over 52,000 emergency parcels to people in need.