Our Trust Port Status

Port of Aberdeen is one of approximately 100 Trust Ports in the UK. As a statutory body, a Trust Port is fully independent, run by a Board for the benefit of its stakeholders, and governed by its own local legislation. All ‘profit’ made from operations are reinvested into the operation, maintenance, and administration of the port.

It is the duty of a Trust Port’s Board and employees to safeguard and continually improve the port, so it creates prosperity for current and future generations of local communities and businesses.

Our Trust Port status means the Port of Aberdeen can operate in a commercial environment with no direct public funding, while competing in the open market with private and local authority-owned facilities which represent the vast majority of the UK’s ports. Major infrastructure projects can be undertaken with greater confidence than other areas of the private sector.

Our stakeholders play an intrinsic role in operational matters and how the port is perceived in the local community. By working together, the Board, our employees and our stakeholders can deliver a vibrant, prosperous port that will generate prosperity for generations.