About Us

Like many of the world’s greatest cities, Aberdeen has a port at its heart. This port has been a catalyst for the city’s prosperity for nearly nine centuries.

The secret behind our success is our ability to adapt and modernise. By embracing new technologies and industries, and transforming our infrastructure, we will become Scotland’s premier net zero port, offering world class facilities and services, at the heart of the nation’s energy transition efforts.

We are committed to improving every element of our activity and what we provide for our port users, to create prosperity for generations. This is why we have undertaken the largest marine infrastructure project in the UK for decades, and have committed to operating a net zero port by 2040.

Above all, we are open. Open to new energy; to building closer relationships with our neighbours and communities; to working with partners on strengthening the economy, and to new ways of developing our skilled and talented team, to equip us for the future.

Our Port in 2021